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05/26/15Boy's 2A Sectional @Sterling HS

Jared "Too Tall" Ekberg vaults to #2 on the RC 110H All Time List - 16.41 PR!
Pat "QB1" McMahon 3 steps all the hurdles - runs a new PR 16.97!
The fastest 110H duo in RC History - yet neither has run a full season of track nor are on the indoor ATL!

Both come back and run PR's in the 300H!
Too Tall dips into the 41's for the first time - 41.85 (having never run a 42.x!)
QB1 improves his PR to 44.33!

2015 Hurdle Crew!

The #3, #4 & #5 fastest 55H girls in RC history!
The #3 & #5 fastest 100H girls in RC history!
The 2nd & 5th fastest 300H girls in RC history!
The 2nd, 5th & 13th fastest 110H boys in RC history!
The 4th & 8th fastest 300H boys in RC History!

Taylor "Spitz" Smith (Sr.) - 55H #3 ATL,  100H #3 ATL, 300H #2 ATL & HJ #1 (Indoor & Outdoor)
Jared "Too Tall" Ekberg (Sr.) - 110H #2 ATL, 300H #4 ATL
Pat "QB1" McMahon  (Jr.) - 110H #5 ATL, 300H #8 ATL
Taylor "Little Foot" Gorski (Fr.) - 55H #5 ATL, 100H #5 ATL, 300H #5 ATL
Brock "Big "Red" Paquin (Fr.) - 110H #13 ATL
Hillary "Bill" Noakes (Fr.) - 55H #4 ATL (only ran one meet)

05/17/15Girls 2A Sectional @Galena HS

Taylor "Spitz" Smith runs a career best 16.04 100H to finish 4th - 300H (14th of 27)
Taylor "Little Foot" Gorski - 13th (of 27) 100H  - 300H (20th of 27)

Former Hurdle Central TC member Payton "Walter" Jones - 2nd 100m - State Qualifier

2015 Boy's Big Northern Conference - East @Burlington Central HS

Jared "Too Tall" Ekberg - PR 16.82 - 3rd 110H
Pat "QB1" McMahon - PR 18.03 - 5th 110H & 5th 300H
Brock "Big Red" Paquin - 100m

05/10/15Stats & Records Updated

2015 Mike Mowen @Winnebago

Jared "Too Tall" Ekberg - #3 RCS ATL 110H

2015 Girl's Big Northern Conference - East @Marengo HS

Taylor "Spitz" Smith - Conference Champion 100H & 2nd 300H!
Taylor "Little Foot" Gorski - 300H PR - #5 ATL

2015 Boy's JV Big Northern
Brock Paquin

2015 Hawk Classic

Jared "Too Tall" Ekberg - 300H PR/#6 ATL
Pat "QB1" McMahon - 110H PR/#7 ATL & 300H PR/#8 ATL
04/27/152015 RCI Results

Taylor "Spitz" Smith wins her 4th consecutive RCI  300H
Taylor "Spitz" Smith defends her 100H title and sets a new PR
Taylor "Little Foot" Gorski runs a 100H PR - 5th and 4th in the 300H

110m hurdles - Jared "Too" Tall Ekberg 2nd (PR!), Pat "QB1" McMahon 3rd & Brock "Big Red" Paquin 4th (PR!)
300H - Jared "Too  Tall" Ekberg runs another PR! - 3rd , Brock "Big Red" Paquin 6th

Hurdle Crew Points
Girls (44 points)
Boys (25 points)
04/19/15Videos, Stats & Results from both the Byron Relays and the Mike Wulf Invitational are now posted!

See the 300H debut of  Taylor "Little Foot" Gorski , Brock "Big Red" Paquin and Pat "QB1" McMahon as well as the return of Jared "Too Tall" Ekberg!

See Taylor Smith dominate the 100H and finish 2nd at the Mike Wulf Invite!
04/10/152015 Illinois Top Times Videos Posted
See RC Senior Taylor "Spitz" Smith 60H Prelim at the Illinois Indoor Championships!

Stats Page Updated - 2015 Hurdle Touchdowns!
03/22/15Videos from the Nelson Daniels Classic!
 Watch the hurdle debut of RCS Junior Pat "QB1" McMahon

Stats Page Updated - see 2015 Hurdle Touchdowns!

Meet Results Updated

Athletes Pages Updated.
03/16/15Videos from ISU & University of Chicago #3
Updated Athlete Pages!
03/10/15RC You Know!
2015 IHSA T&F season is underway
Meet Results!

 ISU Results (03/07/15)
The Big 3 - Taylor "Spitz" Smith #1 qualifier 60H final - 2nd overall - 10.01 FAT - New PR - #3 on the RC ATL
Freshman Hillary Noakes #6 qualifier - 10.77 FAT - #4 on the RC ATL in her first HS race over 33" hurdles
Freshman Taylor "Little Foot" Gorski #8 Qualifier - 7th overall 10.97 - New PR - #5 on the RCS All Time List in her first HS Race!
Brock "Big Red" Paquin throws down a new 60H PR - 11.04

 University of Chicago - Girls Results & Boys Results (02/13/13)
Brock Paquin makes his HS debut over 60m hurdles!

Welcome to HurdleCentral.com - a website that I've put together for my daughter Courtney and the other outstanding Hurdlers (and High Jumpers) that I have the privilege of coaching - either at Rockford Christian High School, with the Rockford FIRE (AAU/USATF) or the Hurdle Central (USATF) track club.  Admittedly, the website is self-serving - as it's a place to consolidate all the training information, meet results, athlete data, videos, etc. that I seem to accumulate.  Hopefully there will be something of interest to you.

This is my 7th season coaching at RCS (8th year overall) - and I feel I'm still finding my way as an assistant coach.  Beyond my limited practical experience - I am a USATF Level I coach - as well as ASEP certified to coach high school athletes in Illinois.

I'm blessed to have been guided along this path by Rockford Christian Boy's Head Coach Randy Moore.   I  really appreciate his continued support & patience!  I'm fortunate to be a small part of the best high school track program in the state of Illinois.

A special thanks to hurdle coach extraordinaire Lee Pantas, who's guidance and hurdle knowledge I continue to lean on heavily.  I can't imagine where I'd be without his help and patience.  Lee is without a doubt the top high school hurdle coach in the country. 

I also owe a great debt of gratitude to Craig McDonald - who's willingly shared his biomechanical expertise, research papers and time with me.  He has patiently answered numerous questions as I try to improve my knowledge and understanding of both the hurdles and the high jump.  His understanding of hurdle biomechanics is unmatched.

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