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The Ladies...

Name Class School/Organization Comments
Natasha Ferrero2018Hurdle Central TC100H/200H & HJ - USATF Region VII Qualifier - HJ
Taylor Gorski2018Rockford Christian HS
Hurdle Central TC
Payton Jones2015Rockford Christian HS
Hurdle Central TC
55H, 100H, 55, 100, 200, 4x100, 4x200, 4x200 (Indoor Record Holder)
Hillary Noakes2018Rockford Christian HS55H/60H
Taylor Smith2015Rockford Christian HS
Hurdle Central TC
Missouri S&T
55H, HJ (Indoor & Outdoor School Record Holder), 100H, 300H, 4x400, 4x200 (Indoor Record Holder)

The Gentlemen...

Name Class School/Organization Comments
Jared Ekberg
Rockford Christian HS110H/300H
Pat McMahon2016Rockford Christian HS55H/110H/300H
Brock Paquin2018Rockford Christian HS
Hurdle Central TC

Former Athletes...

Ladies Class School/Organization Comments
Meredith Ekberg2014Rockford Christian HS100H (5th ATL), 300H (6th ATL), HJ
Kymmie Cox2010Rockford Christian HSTJ/LJ (3rd ATL indoor, 4th ATL outdoor @ RCS)
Hanna Gadow2018Hurdle Central TC100H/200H
Kelsey Goodwin2010Rockford Christian HSTJ/HJ (Outdoor Record Holder - 3 tied)
 Audrey Hooks2013Rockford Christian HS
Hurdle Central TC
& Loras College
55H (#2 ATL), 100H (#2 ATL, 2x Sectional Champion, State Finalist, All State), LJ (Indoor  School Record Holder), TJ (Indoor & Outdoor School Record Holder), 4x200 (Indoor Record Holder), 2013 RCS Athlete of the Year
Annie Loughead2012Rockford Christian HS 55m, 800, 4x800 - HJ & LJ
Anna Ma2012Rockford Christian HS55H (6th ATL), 100H, 300H (8th ATL), 4x100, 4x400
Courtney McKibben2010Rockford Christian HS/St. Joseph's College/Eastern Illlinois University
Hurdle Central TC
HJ (Outdoor Record Holder - 3 tied)/LJ (Outdoor Record Holder)/55H (Record Holder)/100H (Record Holder)/300H (Record Holder)/4x100 & 4x400 Relay

Conference Champion (100H & 300H), 3x Sectional Champion (100H, 300H, LJ, 4x100, 4x400), IPTT Champion (55H), State Finalist (100H - 4th, 5th, 3rd), All State (100H & 4x400) & 2x USATF Junior Olympian (100H)
Katie Steeley2011Rockford Christian HS55H (8th ATL @RCS), 100H (10th ATL), 300H
Sprint Medley School Record Holder @RCS
Jillian Tackaberry2010Rockford Christian HS800, LJ, HJ (Indoor Record Holder, Outdoor Record Holder - 3 tied) @RCS
Amanda Taylor2011Rockford Christian HS 55H (4th ATL), 100H (3rd ATL - Sectional Runner Up, State Qualifier) & 300H (2nd ATL, Sectional Champion, State Qualifier)Sprint Medley School Record Holder @RCS
Christian Bates2014Rockford Christian HS55H, 110H, 300H, HJ
Jake Bliss 2009 Rockford Christian HS HJ - 800m, 4x800 (State Qualifier)
Brody Boling2015Rockford Christian HS55H, 110H, 300H, HJ, TJ
Stephen Fusco 2009 Rockford Christian HS 110H & 300H, 400m
Dan (Danimal) Groshan 2009 Rockford Christian HS/UW-Oshkosh HJ, LJ & 200m, 4x100, 4x200, 4x400
Indoor LJ School Record Holder @RCS
Noah Janssen2014Rockford Christian HS110H, 300H
Jeremy Lang2011Rockford Christian HS
Augustana College
55H (Record Holder), 110H (2nd ATL @RCS), 300H (2nd ATL @RCS & Conference Champion, 2x State Qualifier), 400H, 4x400 (Indoor Record Holder)
Josh Larson2010Rockford Christian HSHJ
Johnathan Mattison2013Rockford Christian HS55H (10th ATL @RCS)/110H (7th ATL @RCS)/300H (9th ATL @RCS)/200m/LJ
Cory Magnuson2011Rockford Christian HS
US Marines
55H (3rd ATL @RCS) 110H (3rd ATL @RCS), 300H (Record Holder@RCS), 400H, 4x400 (Indoor Record Holder, Outdoor Record Holder, 2nd State,  All State)
Brandon Robyn 2010 Rockford Christian HS/Olivet Nazarene 4x100, 4x200, 4x400
4x200 (outdoor) Record Holder, Sectional Champion, State Qualifier @RCS
Jahlil Smith2010Rockford Christian HS4x400, LJ, HJ (Indoor & Outdoor Record Holder - IPTT Qualifier @RCS
Preston Teuscher2014Rockford Christian HS/Wheaton College55H, 110H, 300H, HJ, TJ